Norma Dangla, Goodreads

It was amazing. I loved this book. It is very original, different to the usual myths. All kinds of creatures from legend, yet with a surprising spin. You never know what will happen next. I already bought book 2 in the series. There is no cliffhanger, it has a clear ending, but the main story of course continues. Anna is a delightful main character. She has lived so long that her mannerisms, her speech and her reactions are an amazing mixture of times and places. There is no male main character, but there are lots of men around her, her companions. And Vlad! He´s quite a character and lovely, too. The story is also a mixture of fantasy, science fiction (aliens too!), modern day physics and traditional lore. Travelling through portals, fairy rings, particle theory, ghosts… It´s impossible to cover every aspect of this book. And it works! It really does! And the language is an added bonus. I found it interesting and loved learning new words (as English is my second language). Go on, read this, you will enjoy it!

Review of Out of Time