Out of Time

Cover image of mysterious figure walking out of red mist for the paranormal novel Out of Time

Time stops for no man, but it paused for one unusual woman.

She thought she was invincible. She was wrong.

Anna Scott should be dead. Instead, she fed her dog and went to work, just like she had every day for the last six centuries.

When someone murders one of her companions, she sets out to settle this vendetta. As the clues build up, her unnatural life begins to unravel and her past returns with a nasty surprise.

Careening between the false calm of small town America and the treacherous mountains of the Scottish highlands, she attempts to grasp the forces that govern reality before a sadistic inter-dimensional gangster finds her. If she gets it wrong, everyone on Earth will pay the price.

Out of Time is the exciting start to Anna’s quest to untangle the mysteries of the universe one headache at a time. If you like strong women, dark humour, and cutting action, you’ll love the first instalment of Cherie’s out-of-this-world series.

This novel uses British spellings as well as informal words specific to parts of Scotland and England. A glossary of regional words and phrases is included at the back of the book for reference.

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