Ink and Sigil

Kevin Hearne

Old isn’t the same as washed up.

I love Mr. Hearne’s choice to write a senior citizen as the point of view in this novel. Its a refreshing change from the very youthful cast found in many contemporary urban fantasy novels. The character’s age is written in a believable way and not just told to the reader. The rest of the characters are good too. The antics of his accidental partner, a hobgoblin, are lighthearted and fun. While the business manager’s back story felt like a little bit of a side step out of the main story, it did really help bring this character alive on the page.

Ink and Sigil is a first person, past tense narrative. The story is set in modern day Scotland with fantasy elements based on the ‘Iron Druid Chronicles’ world. Although some character references are shared, this is the start of a new series with new plots and character arcs.

The story starts with the strange coincidental death of another apprentice. Al MacBharrais find this latest one to much though and sets out to unravel the mystery. Along the way, he acquires the aid of the hobgoblin, before piecing together a solution.

I think this book would appeal to Urban Fantasy readers that like a bit of mythology and the fairy realm in their reading material.

Four out of five coffee beans

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