The Night Window

By Dean Koontz

Although written before the pandemic, I read this novel after the the lock-downs and world wide vaccination programs, which made the terrifying fiction feel all the more credible and possible.

In a nutshell the story is about a futuristic cabal that has technology capable of taking over people’s minds, and Jane Hawk, an ex-FBI agent, is racing against time to stop them. The story is full of action, nail biting suspense, and stomach churning villains. All the characters and world building feel amazingly real in this novel.

When I purchased this book, I didn’t realize it was the ending of a five book series. While reading, I had a feeling there might be more to the story but never felt lost or confused. It was only at the last chapter, as loose ends were tied up, that the other stories were really noticeable. Based on that, I’d say it could easily be read as a stand alone book or as part of the series.

The novel is told by an omniscient narrator. Chapters are split between several characters which keeps the story pace moving. Mr. Koontz uses past tense for all protagonist and switches to present tense for all antagonist, but I never noticed this while reading. It was only when I went back for a closer study that it became obvious.

I’d say this book is perfect for anyone that loves supernatural or science fiction thrillers.

Five out of five coffee beans.