Witchsign – Den Patrick

Cover image of the book

Being different is dangerous in Den Patrick’s Solmindre Empire, but being stubborn may change the world.

Witchsign, the start of the ashen torment series, is a classic coming of age epic fantasy. The novel is told in close third person between two siblings. The fantasy realm is well developed and believable. There is a Norse feel to some of the towns and characters names as well as the harshness of the cold sea side village.

Themes include the importance of family and making your own choices. This is shown by splitting the story between the younger sister’s discovery of her unique talents and the older brother’s struggle to survive and stop the empire’s forces from destroying his family.

I feel this novel would be excellent for young adult readers. It is well written with believable and interesting people, places, and events. However, for me the book followed the classic trope of child hero that discovers their powers and sets off to change the world too much to be fully engaging.

3.5 out of five coffee beans.

Please see the author’s website for more information.