The Windsor Method – Guy Windsor

This isn’t the sort of book normally reviewed here, in that it’s non-fiction rather than a novel. However, I took up the longsword as research for my first novel and, as everyone that reads fantasy books knows, swords are cool. Also this book is by an expert in historical martial arts and was a founder of the club I trained with in Edinburgh, (although I never met him personally).

The Windsor Method is written with some references to sword craft, but this little gem could easily be applied to any sport. I even found myself thinking of ways to use the techniques for my art projects. I think the beauty of the book comes from the principles he outlines in the opening chapters. These are transferable and universal to any type of learning. They cover ways to set goals and measure progress; steps to take to overcome impediments; and how to work alone yet not feel lonely.

The second half of the book, titled practices, is very sound advice for a healthy lifestyle. These words of wisdom are directly applicable to active sports, but would also improve mental and physical well being in general.

Guy’s style of writing is chatty and fun, without being silly. He offers references to back up his statements and includes plenty of links to outside sources for more information as well as personal anecdotes.

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone looking to take ownership of their own progress in any sport or craft. Everything I read was useful regardless of the individuals specific area of interest. If, however, you want advice on a specific type of sword work, look at some of Guy’s other books.

Five out of five coffee beans from this reviewer.

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