Work continues

Another portion of Anna Scott’s Timeless adventures is being edited and will be released later this summer. The only question now is – should we call it the third book or the first?

It’s so hard to keep the order of books clear and distinct when the main character lives for centuries.

This newest book is set in 1392, so is chronologically earlier than Out of Time and Out of Step, but it may not be the best introduction to the Anna’s world and could give away too much of Anna’s story if it’s read first.

However, since both stories lines are strong enough to be read independently, we may give it a new series name entirely. Either way, we’ve decided to all the historical fantasy title’s will be “Into the ___” and all contemporary fantasy “Out of ____” to help readers chose which ones they want to read.

Just to get you into the mood, we thought we’d share a few of the covers currently in review

Feel free to comment, we’d love to know which one grabs our readers attention