What to read next?

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Have you ever scrolled for hours, unable to really find the sort of book that grabs you as a reader? Would you like to be able to go somewhere and type in a few key things like – male lead in a story with telekinetic hamsters?

Okay that one may not exist, but you get the idea. Recently I stumbled across just such a database. And the beauty of it is that it’s open to new suggestions while at the same time being curated, so it shouldn’t get filled with slush.

Check it out to find a great book for the weekend. Also if you’ve read something you feel fits the urban fantasy genre, but it’s not in the database, you can contribute book titles. This little gem is going to grow and become even better more people use it.

Here’s a little video on how to use the database.

Developed by Micael LeRonn of Author Level Up

John P. Logsdon and Ben Zackheim of The author helper