Devoted – Dean Kootnz

A dog, a boy, and a world gone wrong.

This engrossing novel set in modern America, is told from multiple, third person view points. Themes about relationships, evolutionary change within species, and the decrepitude unlimited cash indulges weave into the narration seamlessly.

After loosing his human mother, Kip, a self-aware, cognisant golden retriever, sets off to find the one human that can broadcast on dog-kind’s telepathic radio. Of course, evil lurks in the way of this happy communion, in the form of a twisted Billionaire, his cronies, corrupt law officials, and several toadies along for the cash.

The book rolls along at a quick pace, and never lost my interest. Even though there are several villains, each is fleshed out into a terrifying threat. The ending includes a refreshing twist I hadn’t seen coming and resolves with a hope-bright positive feel. My only complaint is that there were a few places where the descriptions interrupted the flow of the action slightly. This was easily overcome by skimming a few paragraphs ahead and continuing to read.

I feel Devoted would appeal to anyone looking for a thrilling story that touches on speculative concepts, potential threats, and the fundamental goodness that defines ‘dog’.

Five out of five coffee beans from this reviewer.

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Published by Tomas & Mercer

Reviewed by C baker