The Trusted – Michelle Medhat

May 2020’s book of choice is The Trusted by Michelle Medhat

Cover of spy thriller novel by michelle medhat

This novel is a plucky spy thriller meets futuristic sci-fi action story, full of nanotechnology, aliens, sadistic terrorists and political intrigue. What’s not to love?

Sam Noor, a top level British spy, and his wife Ellie, a powerful business women, have comfortable but separate lives. After a passionate weekend, Ellie has an explainable extra-sensory experience, causing cracks in their perfect marriage and Sam divulges his secret. Throughout the rest of the book, they battle to prevent a terrorist group gaining a strangle hold over world leaders, while attempting to preserve their marriage.

The Trusted is a near, alternative future world with scenes in London and America. It’s told in close, third person narration through a wide range of characters. For me, this was one of the few drawbacks. Although the large cast gave an rich background and plausible explanation for events, it left me uncertain who was the main protagonist, and ultimately, I wasn’t as invested in their struggle as I could have been.

Although the book ends on a cliff hanger, the rest of this series has been written and published, so there is no need to wait to find out what happens next.

If you like spy stories that have a reason behind the motives, this is a great start to a high flying adventure. There are four more books in this series.

Four out of five coffee beans from this reviewer.

Available as an ebook, audible or paperback.

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Published by Mindblowing Books Ltd

Reviewed by Cherie Baker