10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Image of a christmas scene by Karolina Grabowska at kaboompic.com

1. Gift cards

When in doubt, a gift card is always an option for a book lover. Amazon, Kobo, Google, and Apple all sell e-books and all provide gift cards, but a little square of plastic is hardly thrilling on Christmas morning. A beautiful or clever holder can make all the difference. Look online for ideas to print your own or you could even try a bit of origami and make something very personal.

2. Personalised cover for their e-reader

A lot of people are using e-readers now, but the standard plastic case is a bit boring. A great gift idea is to have one personalized like these beautiful covers by Klever Case. They’re made using traditional book binding techniques in a variety of styles. Truly stunning.

3. Personalised Book plate

Book plates used to be in every library to identify who owned the valuable resource. While not used that often now, they are still a stylish and fun way to mark a favourite tome.

4. Meet the writer

Meeting a favourite author would be a memorable and unique gift experience for a literary fan. Many authors attend literary festivals or go on book tours. It’s worth checking to see if any are close enough to organize a day out for your book loving friend. Check out book riot or the list for events near you.

5. plan a trip to a convention

While thinking about excursions, most types of fiction have a convention or two devoted to them. Searching online can bring more ideas for days/weekends away. Some large events, such as Worldcon, visit different parts of the globe (last one was Dublin, next will be New Zealand). Extravagant for sure, but it could be work into a themed gift idea for the whole holiday…

6. subscribe to an authors patreon page

Many authors have started using patreon to share unique content and extra information about their work with subscribers. If you know the name of a favourite author, check to see if they’re using this service. Patreon subscriptions can be as little as a few dollars a month.

7. name a character

Some authors let the public suggest a name for a character in their next book. This often requires joining a mailing list or partreon subscription, but many reader would be excited to know they could help sculpt a new work of fiction and it would be a unique gift for years to come.

8. subscribe to a book club

Books in the post are a fun gift idea for readers, and there are many groups offering a variety of subscriptions.

For a more in-depth discussion about twelve book subscriptions services, The Independent has a full article about it here.

9. Bookworm clothing

Literary themed home décor and apparel may be difficult to find on the high street, but artist powered sites have a wealth of beautiful products for book lovers. Check out these sites for some great gift ideas.

10. A satchel

Reading books usually requires carrying books. A monogrammed book satchel like this one from Thegiftworkshop on etsy, is a much more stylish and personalised tote than a generic backpack.

11. bonus idea … floor cushions

Many readers like to lay down, curl up in a corner or lean against something while reading. A big floor cushions makes that a lot more comfy.

Hopefully these ideas have got your mind turning thought on how you can find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Drumcross Publishing does not endorse any of these products or receive any payment. They’re just the coolest things we found while searching for gift ideas. Happy holidays.