Cover Art

It’s always fun, and a little daunting, choosing art that will give the summary of a book in a glance. Recently we’ve been busy working away at a few designs for Cherie Baker’s new paranormal adventure novel Out of Time.

So far we have three images. Each one invokes a different emotional response and our team are having a difficult time picking one.

So here’s a shout out to all the Sci-fi/Fantasy readers out there. Which one catches your eye the most? Does it makes you want to stop and pick it up? Does it inspires enough curiosity to flip it over and read the back?

Drop us a note in the comments sections. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Cover Art

  1. I think it depends what the story is about. The 2 forest scenes suggest slightly more intrigue and mystery. I would go for normal forest if it’s set in the present day or past. However, if the story is set on another planet or in the future then I would suggest the second forest. (This would also be a good choice if there is a fire or blazing skyline!)
    Finally, the last one made me think it’s about a female fighting and killing to save the world, ideal if that’s pretty much the plot.

    1. Thanks Sharon. Great insight on each one. Story is set the in the present day with a paranormal/sci-fi theme. There is a fair bit of action but it’s not wall to wall so probably won’t use the black design.

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