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Cherie’s third novel

1392 – Into the Storm

Now available in print and ebook

Out of Time

Cover image of mysterious figure walking out of red mist for the paranormal novel Out of Time

Time stops for no man, but it paused for one unusual woman.

She thought she was invincible. She was wrong.

Six hundred year old Julieanna Scott does not know what she is, or how she lost her humanity, but she never forgets and rarely forgives. When villains murder one of her companions, she sets out to eradicate the threat, but was Geoffrey’s death her fault or the widows?

Out of Step

Cover image of raven flying into red sunset skies, second novel in the Timeless Doctor Scott paranormal adventure series.

A lot happens in six hundred years, but nothing prepared Anna for this.

Doctor Anna Scott only wanted modest comforts in life, but fate doesn’t give a figs-ear for personal preferences. One random chance left Anna with six centuries of questions, a large fortune, and a tool that controls all the particles in the Universe. You’d have thought such Godly power would come with a few instructions. You’d be wrong.

Ghost in the Clockwork

One is sad, two is nothing but trouble.

Cynthia’s husband is missing and the constables are no help.

She desperately needs to retrace his last steps on the Crystal Palace Safari Tour before time runs out. But her path crosses that of a belligerent young woman bent on solving her own mystery and everything unravels for both of them.

Ghost in the Clockwork is a short steampunk adventure. Download your free copy today.


I have just finished reading “Out of Time” by Cherie Baker. Words almost fail me. I enjoyed it so much and look forward to more of her work. A skilled writer and story teller. I admire Anna greatly and must say that I have fallen in love with Vlad. (and I am not a dog lover) Most enjoyable book to read.


I have just finished reading “Out of Time” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Intriguing story with plenty of action. Vlad is my favourite character!



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